Illustrations by Jo McGivern

Foreword by Chloe Oen

About the book

Milly’s Mind is a portrait of an eleven-year-old autistic girl called Milly, navigating the first eleven and a half years of life with autism. It is written from Milly’s perspective and describes how Milly’s autism first presented, how Milly perceives life, the challenges, the joys and a look to the future. 


A playful, insightful peek inside autism, with a luminous flame of positivity at its heart.

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Who is Milly's Mind for?

Milly’s Mind is for anyone, of any age, who wants to deepen their understanding of autism, particularly: 


The Authors

Colin and Milly Armstrong

This work has been lovingly launched out into the world by Milly and her dad, Colin, who live in Sydney with Milly’s brother, Avebury, and mum, Melissa.

The Illustrator

Jo McGivern

Jo is a freelance illustrator, painter and art teacher based north of Sydney with many years experience.

‘It has been an honour to be part of the journey of creating Milly’s Mind and has been an absolute joy to illustrate‘.


I want to thank Milly and her father for explaining the world of autism so eloquently, succinctly and with a great sense of humour...

Clinical Psychologist and one of the world’s foremost specialists on autism.

These pages give voice to a young person whose voice isn’t always heard, and celebrates her existence for exactly who she is. It comes through loud and clear.
This book is a pure treasure...

Internationally renowned autism trainer, teacher, speaker, advocate and best-selling author.

...In its purest form, Milly’s Mind is really a book about love and learning. A must read for all humans!

Founder/Director, Touched by Olivia

...An illuminating picture book that not only educates but also inspires compassion and acceptance. It is a must-read for families, schools, and communities.

Educator, author and advocate for autism.

Available from 1st July 2024!

From 1st July 2024, Milly’s Mind will be able to be shipped anywhere in the world by ordering from this website.

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